Ouzo, Hagia Sophia and The Fall of the Turkish Lira

Two months ago, the Turkish government announced the conversion of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral. Which was an uncalled for move and very disrespectful and discriminating towards the Greek Orthodox community of Constantinople and around the world.

As a devout Byzantine christian myself, I was personally offended, but this time, I decided to take my revenge, and the only way to do it, was to do it in the international markets. 

I created an investment account and directly, without hesitation, shorted the Turkish Lira. 

And since that day, the Turkish Lira fell by almost 10% (I also had maximum leverage, I was very angry) and so, I made a handsome profit! 

But what was the perfect way to celebrate this short? Buy Greek Ouzo (and Cypriot Beer) from the Greek owner of the liquor store in the neighborhood!

Plomari and KEO

It was the first time for me trying Ouzo. It was called "Plomari Ouzo", which is a product of the Plomari town in Lesbos. And lord, how good it was! Maybe it was extra good because I succeeded in taking my revenge. 

Nevertheless, Ouzo, in my opinion, trumped my love for Arak. Arak is stronger than Ouzo, but Ouzo has a distinct flavor and lightness that makes it honestly better. 

Cheers and Στην υγειά σας!


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