A Beer That is Definitely Better than Almaza

 Well, on my last trip to Cyprus, I came across a Greek beer called Alpha. As for the taste, well, the name speaks for itself. 

Its branding is kinda close to Almaza, with the green and red bottle, and both start with “Al” and end with an “A” so it’s easy to be confused as a Levantine beer drinker (especially after a few drinks...)

But, unlike Almaza, this one doesn’t suck, in fact, it’s is really, really good! 

My favorite beer is usually Carakale from Jordan, but with the island weather of Cyprus, Alpha definitely does the job for me better, a definite summer beer, much better suited for a beach than a microbrewery beer which is usually more suitable for pubs and hangouts with friends at rooftops than at a beach.  

Cyprus/Greece, you are the best.

Stin iya mas,



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