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Last month, actually a bit more than a month, I was dispatched by my work to Dubai, along with my fellow colleague and wine lover, Shady Haddad, to attend a fancy technology conference. 

We had just sit foot in DXB airport, when out of nowhere, came the joyful sound of Shady as he found a red wine bottle made in 1999 by Chateau Musar. It was a bit pricy, but a few minutes later, we were each paying half its price at the cashier as we split the bill. 

We kept the bottle till the last night of the trip, when we both sat at the balcony of my room in Dubai, enjoying the nice weather, quietness of the night and the view of tall Dubai buildings in the far. It was the best wine I, actually we, have ever had! 

As we drank each sip of it, we entered into a different, deep and deeper discussions. 

When I came back to Amman, I realized something important related to cars: if a really good product is made and survives the test of time, the older it gets, the better it becomes, and that’s when I realized that an old man with a 1999 Mercedes is better off than a young man with a brand new Mercedes! Why? Let me explain briefly; if you own a 1999 Mercedes, I can tell you for sure that it was made with better quality material than cars produced in 2019 (everyone knows this). Second, the likelihood of a 1999 Mercedes depreciating in price is much, much less than a 2019 Mercedes. Just imagine the price of your brand new car the year after you buy it. And finally, as the 1999 Mercedes survived for 20 years, the likelihood of it surviving and becoming a classic (with a higher selling price in the future) is much higher and likely (Lindy effect).

So, cheers to an investment idea inspired by Lebanese wine! 


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