The Wine of the Gods (Only in Lebanon)

In general, I have always been an advent admirer of the production of villages, especially when it came to wine. 

I came across a tweet by Nassim Taleb about a wine called Ishtar, that is made by a Lebanese village called Darbechtar (which means Home of the God Ishtar). And by the power of the Gods (thank you Ishtar) a Lebanese colleague of mine, with whom I shared a lot of wine, was coming to Jordan. He put me at a total shock when he brought me two bottles of Ishtar as a gift! One white and one red. He happened to be from Darbechtar and wanted me to try the wine of his village. 

I insisted we drink it together. So, we arranged a gathering at a friend’s house and, lord, how good that wine was. 

The legendary Alain Chalouhi from Darbechtar 

I kid you not, we couldn’t stop drinking. That bottle of red wine was phenomenal! So good was the richness of the taste that we indirectly fought for more of it.

However, I was shocked to find out that many of my Lebanese friends have never heard of it, nor could they find it at all liquor stores. 

That’s why, in my opinion, it deserves to be everywhere. Everyone should be able to experience the magical powers of the Gods of Darbechtar! 

(I haven’t tried the white one yet, I am still waiting for a special Godly occasion). 



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