A Drunken Night in Paphos

 On my first visit to Cyprus last year, I took my younger brother with me. It was all fun, except that I couldn't drink much, since I had a child with me to take care of. 

However, I couldn't resist buying wine (a favorite hobby of mine). I said to myself that I would store it for when I go back to Amman. But , "man makes plans and god laughs". So, one night, my brother was very tired from cycling around Paphos all day, so he went to bed early. Now this is when the fun starts. The hotel at which we were staying was on a hill and had a breathtaking view of Paphos at night. So I took the opportunity and grabbed the red wine bottle and started drinking and enjoying the view and the beautiful night weather of Paphos in September. 

Agios Onoufrios Wine Bottle
Agios Onoufrios Wine Bottle

It was so good, that I eventually got carried away by the beauty of it that I finished the whole bottle faster than usual and found myself drunk!

It wasn't so nice in the morning when I woke up, but, it was a bottle of wine that I won't forget and won't hesitate to drink again. 

Wines of Cyprus have that special taste that blends in with their weather, nature and culture which makes it all so special and enjoyable. I even heard that the wine made in monasteries is even better, which is a must when I'm back in Cyprus next time.  

Oh, and by the way, the white wine bottle wasn't any less good. In fact, I discovered that the name of the bottle can in some sittings mean "a vagina". Yes, it is a useless, yet funny, fact.

The Aphrodite bottle which I saved for Amman

Στην υγειά σας/cheers.


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