THE Classical Jordanian Wine

When I started drinking wine in Jordan with friends, we were more familiar with 2 brands: Jordan River and Zumot. 

Now don't get me wrong, both are amazing. I personally love Jordan River and order it when I go to bars.

However, when my best friend and wine-lover, Apo, came to town from Napoli for Christmas last year, where there is no doubt he had some of the world's finest wine, we decided to have a good wine night before his flight next day. 

I personally recommended JR, but Apo had other plans. He went into the liquor store for like 30 minutes, and left with the Mount Nebo wine bottle, the classical bottle that preceded JR, both of which are produced by the same company by the way. 

Since that night, I hunt for this bottle whenever I can find one (it is so rare to find nowadays). What's even surprising is that it is cheaper than other Jordanian wines!

El Ostoora

Not only do I buy one when I can find one, I now buy it as gift for friends outside Jordan to let them taste the beauty of Jordanian wine. 



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