Levant's Finest Beer

So many nationalists over here will attack me for this, but say what you want, no beer in the Levant can come up to par with the Jordanian beer, Carakale! 

Carakale's Brewery and Tasting Room

I have tried almost all of the Levantine beers: Almasa (Lebanon), Taybeh (Palestine), Keo (Cyprus), Alpha (Greece) and 961 (Lebanon), and still, Carakale is waaaay better than all of them. Carakale is probably the only brewery in the Levant that makes at least 10 flavors (with new flavors introduced each few months), among which, the Pale Ale and the Dead Sea-rious are my favorite! 

The one on the right is not that good though...

The Fig Deal, phenomenal taste!

I mean come on, even the location of their brewery and their tasting room is amazing, with beautiful mountains surrounding it. 


I'm sorry everyone, but Jordanian beer trumps all other beers in the region!

So many beer hangouts, so many stories, and the best ones were the ones which had Carakale!



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