Limited Edition Wine - Jordanian Style

Jordanian wineries haven't really been focused on the branding side of wine. They just made good wine that Jordanians (and tourists) loved. 

But as of late, Jordan River has stepped up its game. They have taken on the branding challenge and went in every direction. Starting with their tasting rooms to their winery tours and membership programs. 

Their latest step has been to market their Limited Edition, Reserve and Classical wines. A brilliant move, in my opinion, which has also helped them expand more internationally. 

On a late Thursday day night, while on a nice romantic date with my girlfriend, I decided to take her to a nice steak house in Amman, called "Lucca". The waiter, a nice gentleman, recommended the Limited Edition Jordan River bottle (a cabernet sauvignon, 2011 bottle) over the the international wines available.

That's the stuff baby.

The bottle, mixed with a very good piece of steak, was not only fabulous, but unforgettable, I honestly, still remember the taste of the wine in my mouth to this day. 

Too good!

So, my suggestion is this: buy someone you love, who would appreciate a good bottle of wine, a JR Limited Edition bottle, as a Christmas gift, especially if they live in Jordan. 




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