Taybeh is: Taybeh!

Last night, when I went to support my friend's new liquor store, I was shocked to find out that Taybeh (the Palestinian beer, also considered the region's first microbrewery) is back to being sold in Jordan. especially, after it was blocked by Israel from importing to other countries!

However, this time, I was able to get my hands on two new types; the Golden and the White.

Yes, it was a date, happy now?

Both were phenomenal! I honestly don't know what was the secret of this beer, but the tastes were very well refined!

I still stand by my conviction that Jordan's Carakale is the best in the Levant though. Taybeh, however, beats Lebanon's Almaza (big time), it even beats Amstel, Corona and Heineken! 

Way to go Palestine, I'm proud of you!



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