The Jewel of Italian Wines in Jordan

 Never have I thought I would say this, but damn it, it was the finest Italian wine I have ever had in my life!

Bastianich is the one. It’s the best you can have on a steak night out in Jordan, beats the JR Limited Edition I once posted about on the previous steak night out at Lucca. A full taste of dry red wine just can’t be any better than Bastianich. 

The funny thing is, the moment I told my friend in Italy (who like most Italians, is picky when it comes to wine) he was shocked this one is sold in Jordan, and vouched for its quality and taste.

However, you can’t find this anywhere in Jordan but at Salt Steakhouse, smart move on their part honestly. 

But, it’s worth the price and experience, especially with Salt’s view of Amman, excellent service and food! 



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