Not the Chateau Musar 1999... But Close Enough

Yes, it is the Chateau Ka 2007 from the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon.

A magnificent mix of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot combined with a well aged bottle that tastes almost like heaven (heaven in this case is the Chateau Musar 1999). 

What makes this bottle special, is that the taste differs (deepens) with each glass. The more your drink, the smoother it becomes. The strong taste goes really well with a medium-rare steak, especially if enjoyed with loved ones. 

A few side dishes, like mashed potatoes and some baby corn dipped in BBQ sauce, and your mouth will just be watery, craving for more and more as you slowly enjoy the meat and the wine. 

A moment of humbleness here: just when I thought that JR is becoming as good as the Lebanese wine, Lebanon humbles me again. 

Whether you find the bottle in Lebanon, Dubai, US, Jordan or Europe, don't hesitate to grab one, or buy two, the other one being for someone you really love. 




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