Arak, Ouzo or Raki, Who is Going to Take Home the Crown?

 After one year of trying various kinds of Arak/Ouzo/Raki/Wine/Beer, I finally come to a final decision to which drink takes home the crown among the Arak/Ouzo/Raki category. 

Previously, as I crowned Jordan's beer, Carakale and Lebanon's Chateau Musar as the kings of beer and wine respectively. Today, with mixed feelings, I have to crown Yeni Raki, as the king of the Ouzo/Arak/Raki category. 

Don't get me wrong, Ouzo (Plomari and 12) and Arak (Haddad and Touma) are almost equal, but this simply has to take home the crown, for its very, very smooth taste, which I feel comes as a middle ground between the heavy Arak and light Ouzo. 

To my Levantine, Greek and Greco-Levantine community out there, don't be disappointed, we are all the same people here, whether we are Levantine, Greek, Turkish, Armenian or a mix of all of these, politics and toxic nationalism divide us, but we unite in Arak/Ouzo/Raki. 

To many glasses of Arak/Ouzo/Raki to come, cheers!



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