The Flower of Levantine White Wine

 A couple of months ago, as I was roaming the wine festival in Beirut, fascinated by the variety, and most importantly the quality,  of Lebanese wine, I was about to finish all the brands and preparing to leave, when at the end, someone shouts my name, and I turn to find it was Gabriel Kechichian, a dear twitter fellow whom I have followed for a while. 

Gabriel and I. He is the handsome tall guy.

He calls me into the booth and tells me that I must try the Wardy white wine. Having tasted a lot of whine and was already super impressed by what I had, I gave it a shot, and oh lord, that was some next level stuff in that bottle!

I was already in love with Musar's white and Ixir's Altitude up to that day, but Wardy was almost twice as good (in case you needed a reference of how good it was.) 

Next time you decide to buy quality white wine, don't even think twice, go for the king of Levantine White Wine: Wardy.

Shoutout to the awesome Gabriel, very thankful for the lovely coincidence. 




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